10/21/21 AdHoc VR Committee report at RECORDED MAC meeting

RECORDING of LOWER RUSSIAN RIVER MAC AGENDA October 21, 2021 5:30 – 7:30 pm

The River MAC welcomes you to its meeting. Your interest and participation are encouraged and appreciated. Questions and comments may be entered in the zoom Q&A or by raising your hand during public comment. Due to time constraints, public comment is limited to 2 minutes per speaker.

Call to Order – MAC Clerk/Mary Agneberg
Pledge of Allegiance MAC Clerk/Mary Agneberg
Roll Call
A. Approval of Agenda River MAC Chair Pip Marquez de la Plata
Statement of conflict of interest
C. Correspondence
D. Consent Calendar Approval of August 19, 2021 Minutes

E. Public Comment on Matters Not Listed on the Agenda. Comments are restricted to matters within the River MAC’s jurisdiction. – SCROLL TO START @ 4:25

F. District Update from Lynda Hopkins G. Regular Calendar Items – SCROLL TO START @ 11:48
1. Fire Safe Council – SCROLL TO START @ 29:00
2. Selection process for MAC representatives – SCROLL TO START @ 1:14:00

H. Committee and Staff Reports – SCROLL TO START @ 1:19:00
1. Land Use Committee Report – Kyra Wink Status for LOK / Dubrava Permit and process for further engagement Report from September Land Use Committee meeting – SCROLL TO START @ 1:19:00
2. MAC Communications/Outreach Committee – Lisa Nahmanson, Chair – SCROLL TO START @ 1:32:40
3. Vacation Rental ad hoc committee – VESTA Copestakes, Chair – SCROLL TO START @ 1:35:40
4. Trash – Lisa Nahmanson, Chair – SCROLL TO START @ 2:06:00
5. Staff Report – Elise Weiland I. Proclamations – SCROLL TO START @ 2:15:24

J. Call for agenda items – SCROLL TO START @ 2:18:00
K. Adjournment – ENDS 2:21:12