Short-Term Vacation Rentals COMMUNITY INPUT

Here is a LIST of information we are seeking in order to make a comprehensive MAP of Short-Term Vacation Rentals in the Lower Russian River Communities. The ADDRESS is most important to locate it on the map. Any other information you can offer, such as Pool/spa, Pets OK, etc. will help us fill in the details that give us a more complete compilation of information.

This form is 100% ANONYMOUS so we have no identification of who sent the information.

Short-Term Vacation Rentals Information:

Short-term Rentals often have a name like “Cavanaugh House”
The STREET address allows us to locate the VR right on the street on our map
Telling us what LRRMAC District this Short-term rentail is located in helps us know which elected represents this neigborhood.
Our current VR ordinance requires an easily visible plaque with contact information to report problems and emergencies. Can you easily see one on this structure?
Neighbors are supposed to receive a postcard in the mail notifying you of a recently licensed short-term vacation rental near you.
What # is provided to call for emergencies and to report immediate problems with this property
Name, Address, City/State/Zip, Phone, Email
Company Name, Address, City/State/Zip, Phone, Email
Local/national/international website (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.)
Spaces specifically designated for the Short-term vacation rental