Vacation (Short-Term) Rental Research Committee

The mission of the Vacation Rental ADHOC Committee is to learn how Short Term Rentals impact our neighborhoods and communities.

What are the Assets and Liabilities of vacation rentals for our Lower Russian River Community?

  • Does a HOSTED rental fit better into a neighborhood than one managed by an agency?
  • Do Hosted VRs allow people to stay in their family homes after the family has been reduced to two or fewer residents?
  • Is there a maximum percentage of VR homes in a “neighborhood” that neighbors can still feel they are in a residential community as opposed to a commercial district?
  • Do VRs impact school enrollment and therefore school budgets and curriculum?
  • Do VRs increase the value/worth of homes in a neighborhood?

What do YOU consider to be the assets and liabilities of VRs in YOUR neighborhood? We want to know.

Please POST A COMMENT to help us gather information from our communities. And when you do, please let us know which MAC district is where you live. THANK YOU!

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One thought on “Vacation (Short-Term) Rental Research Committee”

  1. Three years ago we built a house in a neighborhood of seven houses off of Laughlin Rd. Two of these houses are Vacation rentals. One is an Air BandB and one is run by Wine Country Vacation Rentals. We have had some major noise issues with the Air BandB right next door over the past three years. Usually during the week it’s quiet, but we never know who will be next door on the weekends, which leaves me dreading summer weekends. Because of this next door situation, we’re debating whether to stay here and live or find another place in the county which isn’t a vacation rental zone.
    Next door is a for profit situation for the owner who lives in San Francisco. The other rental is often occupied by the owner and is much better taken care of and supervised. Last week my family rented both houses for a reunion. The one that is run by Wine Country is not only much better quality interior and exterior, but their very strict noise warnings and consequences do control what happens there. As opposed to next door where there is only a one liner in the house description/rules that references “sensitive” neighbors”. So consequently we do sometimes get the partiers there. I had to call the Sherriff three weeks ago because a party at 1:30 am with music through the walls of two house awoke me. Not acceptable.
    I’d rather have no vacation rentals, but could live with it if there was more regulation, consequences, understanding and respect about noise pollution in a quiet environment by renters/visitors. I can/will talk to the owner and file a complaint with the county, but I really wish I did it have to be the policeman of someone else’s property. I’m glad the committee is gathering information and something more can be done about what I see as a problem for those of us who live here.

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